Clearview Announcement Regarding COVID-19

COVID-19 Updates

March 20, 2020

Thank you for being a valued patient.

The health and safety of our patients, employees, and communities are our top priority. Amid ongoing concerns about COVID-19, Clearview Eye & Laser Medical Center is closely monitoring the latest reports from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, (CDC), and has taken precautionary measures as outlined below.

Taking care of patients remains our top priority.

In compliance with the CDC regulations, we are seeing patients in the office only on a medically necessary basis. We are available for phone calls, emergencies, and soon, Telemedicine.

We further understand that many of you have been, and will be at home for awhile. Stay tuned for our upcoming mind stimulating Webinars on how to Stay Safe and Healthy!

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. This is challenging time for our entire country. Please follow the recommended CDC guidelines for keeping you and your family safe and healthy. We are looking forward to returning stronger than ever and hope that each of you will too!

If you find yourself needing emergency Ophthalmic care, please call
858-452-3937 and follow the prompts for emergency care!

Sandy T. Feldman, MD.

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