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What Are Cataracts?

The natural lens of your eye, which is located behind the iris and pupil, works very similarly to a camera lens. Its main function is to focus light coming into the eye directly back to the retina, so you can clearly see objects close by and far away. Sometimes, as we age, the protein component of our eyes' lenses can clump together and form a cloudy area. This is called a cataract, and the larger it becomes, the harder it is to see.

What are cataracts?

Laser Cataract Surgery

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Types of Cataracts

There are three types of cataracts:

  • Nuclear cataracts form in the center or nucleus of the lens. These commonly develop in patients as they age.
  • Cortical cataracts form in the cortex, or outside of the lens, and extend inward with time. Cortical cataracts are common for patients with diabetes.
  • Subcapsular cataracts form at the back of the lens. These are most common for patients who take steroid medication, have diabetes, farsightedness or retinitis pigmentosa.

What Causes Cataracts?

Although no one knows exactly why the eye lens changes with age or why cataracts develop, there are several possible risk factors that have been identified in recent years including:

  • Exposure to ultraviolet light, radiation and air pollution
  • Diabetes and steroid use
  • Eating a diet with a lot of salt
  • Smoking cigarettes and drinking heavily
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Cataract Treatment Options

At ClearView Eye and Laser Medical Center in San Diego, renowned eye surgeon Sandy T. Feldman, M.D., M.S., is proud to offer several surgical and non-surgical treatments for her patients suffering from cataracts.

If you have recently developed cataracts and they have not progressed enough to seriously impact your vision, you can wear prescription glasses or bifocals to improve your vision temporarily. Once the cataracts worsen, there are several surgical options for you to consider, including implanting an intraocular lens in the place of your natural, clouded lens. At ClearView Eye and Laser Medical Center, we offer advanced intraocular lenses as treatments for cataract patients:

When your vision worsens due to cataracts, it can be a difficult time, but Dr. Sandy T. Feldman and her caring staff will be there for you throughout the entire process. The devoted staff is known for remarkable personalized patient care and will take as much time as necessary to answer all of your questions and listen to your concerns.

To find out which cataract laser eye surgery is right for you, please call or email us today to schedule a consultation with San Diego cataract surgeon, Dr. Sandy Feldman.

ClearView Eye and Laser Medical Center provides cataract laser eye surgery in the San Diego, California area. We offer this web page as general information about cataracts. This information should not be considered formal medical advice. Please contact us today for formal advice during a cataract laser eye surgery consultation in San Diego.

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