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LASIK, which is the acronym for 'laser assisted in situ keratomileusis,' is the most commonly performed laser vision correction surgery procedure for patients suffering from nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia) and astigmatism.

History of LASIK

The FDA first approved laser vision correction surgery in the US in 1995. LASIK technology has advanced to the point where patients have the opportunity to receive truly personalized surgery.

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What is Refractive Surgery? (LASIK)

  • Refractive Surgery (LASIK) improves your vision by re-shaping your cornea with highly precise beams of laser light allowing your eye to refract light more precisely onto your retina.
  • The two generally accepted methods utilize different approaches for treatment.
  • Wavefront Guided and Topography Driven. Currently, these two separate methods have been adopted by surgeons based on availability of the technology and cost where they perform surgery.
  • The most advanced method is identified as "iDesign Refractive Studio." It is the first and only FDA approved system that combines and measures both inside (Wavefront) and outside (Topography)

APPLYING the LASIK Treatment

An essential element in optimizing your vision is where/how the treatment is delivered. There are three approaches to this aspect depending on the overall thickness of your cornea, consistency of the surface and prior surgeries (if any).

Older methods used a tool called a microkeratome (Razor blade device) to cut the cornea and create a flap. This method is still employed by centers looking to reduce costs for discount pricing.

ASA Advanced Surface Ablation (PRK): This method is utilized when a patient has a thinner cornea or has had previous surgery. The visual outcome is the same as other methods with a longer initial recovery than other methods (generally 5 days).

LASIK Flap: A thin surface flap is created on the cornea to expose the tissue underneath. Utilizing a femtosecond laser a precise flap is created based on the specific measurements of the patient cornea. We utilize the state-of-the-art iFS 5th generation laser technology to create the corneal flap.

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