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Chris and Lori Ello - Laser Vision Correction

Chris Ello, Sportscaster on XTRA Sports 1360 Radio and Lori Ello, Marketing Director at Sea World, discuss their laser vision correction experiences at ClearView.

JOSH, XTRA Sports 1360: For Chris and Lori Ello the decision to have LASIK just made sense for their lifestyle. Chris narrates sports at live games and needs to be able to see well in the distance, at night and also see up close. Lori is Marketing Director at Sea World and works regularly on her computer.

Their biggest challenge was finding a surgeon that they felt comfortable with.

CHRIS: I think what made me actually start looking around was when I noticed I couldn't see as well as I used to be able to see. I don't really think of myself as vain necessarily. I do think of myself as somebody who is really not organized enough to always have my glasses with me. There was absolutely no way I was ever going to do contact lenses. I'm just like freaked out. No way I wanted to ever have to put anything into my eyes.

LORI: I wore glasses and contacts since I was 14. The problem was that everywhere I went I had to either have my glasses or my contacts on.

CHRIS: My wife really did have bad eyes. She had glasses and contacts. When we were driving around and she was in the passenger seat, I would tell her take her glasses off sometimes just so she could really explain to me how awful she could see. Like a red light, she would just see a big blob of red. She couldn't even see the traffic light two feet away.

LORI: I checked out three or four different eye doctors before we picked Dr. Feldman. The main thing is really asking a lot of questions, find out about their procedure. Talk to people who have had the procedure done my them. That was a really big thing with me. Seeing my husband go through it, that sold me.

DR. SANDY T. FELDMAN: The thing that made Lori and Chris such great patients was that they were very knowledgeable. They understood what was happening and they understood the differences in surgeons and doctors and what we do.

CHRIS: To me it is one of those things that is worth investing in. It just frees you up. It is like having the chains taken off. It really is. You don't have to worry about your glasses. You dont have to worry about your contacts or solution or anything like that.

LORI: It's really hard to convey to somebody that it will change your life but it really, truly does change your life.

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