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Testimonial: Bryan

Dr. Sandy Feldman & Staff,

Air Traffic Controllers (ATCS) rely heavily on nature's greatest window to the world... Their VISION!

"Keeping the Skies Safe" is what we do at the busiest radar control facility in the World. As many controllers before me, I too went with ClearView's Dr. Sandy T. Feldman. Since then many more of my fellow co-workers have walked through those same doors.

Why ClearView?
After seeking out, and hearing overwhelming praise from numerous peers; I set my appointment for a consult. However, not before my skeptical self visited a highly advertised Lasik surgeon whose clients include local and international celebrities.

Well, the comparison was night from day. My 30-minute celebrity shuffle held little ground to the comprehensive three-hour examination and education received at ClearView. No cost, no obligation, no pressure.

Dr. Sandy Feldman... She sells herself without even selling. With a background as a highly recognized surgeon in her field, she spirits a genuine enthusiasm for the gift she keeps on giving. Sincere, funny, professional, and just plain wonderful.

Dr. Feldman and staff not only accommodated my difficult work schedule, but went out of their way on two separate occasions to push through tests and papers I needed for my medically sensitive employ. I am so grateful.

The Results: INCREDIBLE!
Life Changing! You guys really make a difference. I hope you know that. Can't say thank you enough. Today in no exception...

Bryan / Air Traffic Control Specialist

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